giving a hand

fellow student and friend, Vincent Santos and I headed to Seal Beach to cast our hands. We thoroughly thought through what we would want to mold. It had to capture something that we felt was ourselves. I thought about how I’m referred to as a sassy person so i decided to make a sassy hand gesture while Vincent decided to play it safe and just mold his hand. We were worried that we were not going to successfully remove our hands from the sand but we did! We loved bonding and being artsy!




Let me tell you about my new friend! Alex Miramontes is a fourth-year student studying Psychology. The first class meeting was all about art and what could be defined as art. After introducing ourselves, we asked each other where we would draw the line of what art is. While he hesitated and was stuck in deep thought for about a moment, he came to the simple conclusion that you cannot draw the line. Art is something that differs from person to person; everything is art.