Classmate Talk – Yonathan

classmate talk wk 2

In a class lacking engineering majors I finally met a fellow engi-nerd! I would love to introduce fellow classmate and mechanical engineering major, Jonathan. He’s a transfer student and is currently in his 6th year. Yonathan is a highly involved student here on campus! He’s joining the American Society of Civil Engineering (A.S.C.E.) club this semester and has been a part of other organizations on other campuses. We bonded almost instantly over courses we have taken and professors in our departments. When asked why he decided to take this course he revealed that he’s a big fan of art and he wants a class that is not as demanding as his other engineering related courses. He once sketched almost every day but as he got older and become more involved in school he did not have time for it.

This weeks question was “Is art actually important? In today’s world?” and Yonathan believes it is. He thinks it is important and that it can alter the way one views the world. He touched on the topic of political cartoons and how although they are satirical pieces they are able to change the perception one has on laws or politicians. Shortly after, he began to mention how he believes that music is art and music influences the younger generations. Musicians such as Kanye West have become such artists and have expanded on the definition of artist.



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