“Stress is killing me”

At first glance, it might not be clear what exactly is going on in the photo. This picture is an accurate representation of something I feel is killing me, metaphorically. With a multiple variation of factors in our lives Americans seem to be much more stressed now than ever before. I can relate to this strongly. Balancing a social life, helping around at home, full time student enrolled in upper division engineering courses, and work has me constantly worrying about all of the things I have to do and complete by a certain time. I knew I wanted my project to revolve around school since I dedicate so much of my time to my studies and my education. I wanted to depict a stressed college student who could no longer handle the pressure and decided it was easier to end their life rather than to fight through and get through school. I needed help to get these shots so of course I asked my mom if she could help me. At first, she seemed confused while she watched me wrap my Macbook charger around my neck and made a comment about how I look like I’m killing myself. Once explaining the purpose and the message behind it, it opened her perspective and allowed her to see the images in a different light.


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