Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Marysol Jimenez

img_5336 On this weekly installment of Classmate Conversations I had the honor of meeting Marysol Jimenez! (https://marysolj.wordpress.com) It is a funny story regarding Marysol because we have a few friends in common but never had the chance to meet or talk until this week outside of the School of Art galleries. We figured if we already knew our names why not get to know each others’ story!

Marysol is a 21 year old fourth year Sociology major who also started her journey at California State University, Long Beach in the fall of 2013, such as I. Marysol was born and raised in Compton and is a second generation Mexican American. Shortly after sharing that she was from Mexico we discovered that our families are both from the state of Jalisco.  Marysol is very passionate about makeup and believes it is an art. Make up is a form of self expression and allows you to experiment with colors and enhance your face. She spends any free time she has watching YouTube tutorials on different make up reviews, looks, and application techniques. She was originally admitted to the university as a Pre-Social Work major, but decided it was not what she was passionate about. She mentioned how much she would love to help families and children as a social worker, but she feels that she would be too upset with some of the cases she would deal with in her career. Marysol says that one of her favorite memories at CSULB is the year and a half she spent forming on campus.

We did not have a question of the week so we decided to ask ourselves a question which still related back to art, so we decided that if we could major in art what medium would we specialize in. Marysol would love to do photography. She believes that photography has an amazing way of capturing memories and emotions in the single click of a button. She also mentioned that with social media it has allowed us to see more beautiful art and different styles of photography besides self-portraits (selfies) on social media outlets such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.


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