Week 4 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week we did our first drawing assignment of the semester, automatic drawing! Automatic drawing is a type of drawing that must be done with a partner and is sort of a bonding experience. You must have both hands, along with your partners hands, on either a pencil, marker, or in our case a pastel crayon and draw whatever comes to mind. The drawing should be a bit abstract and some people engage in this with a certain ambiance.

I chose my best friend, Vincent Santos, to experience this project with. My mother also threw away some of my art materials so he was nice enough to share with me use his pastel crayons (you da best Fishy). We decided to do this project at the CSULB campus library on our traditional Sunday study dates in the basement. At first we began the project and we could not stop laughing. We were so out of sync that I tried to draw a heart and we ended up drawing a figure that looked more like a taco! I’m happy that I chose Vincent to do this project with because I don’t think I would have had this much fun with anyone else. If we could redo this project again I think we would try to use more of the space we had, used more color, and I would try to not press down on the paper as hard since we ended up breaking all of his pastels.


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