Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Cintia Segovia Figueroa

Exhibition Information

Artist: Cintia Segova Figueroa
Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed
Media: Photography, Cinematography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: CintiaSegovia.com
Instagram: Only has personal account

Cintia Segovia is truly an amazing artist whose exhibition has truly made a mark on me. Cintia is currently a second year graduate student at California State University, Long Beach where she is a student of the School of Art’s Photography program and emphasizes her work on analog and digital photography. Cintia is working towards her Masters of Fine Arts degree. Cintia’s story began in her Native Country of Mexico, where she was born in the Country’s capital of Distrito Federal de Mexico (D.F.). Most of her inspiration for her exhibit is from her roots and heritage. Cintia first fell in love with photography when she was seventeen years old and bought her first 35 mm camera shortly after. Unforunately, her parents did not approve of her studying photography, so she spent her undergraduate studies studying Mass Communication in Mexico. Cintia is currently a professor at California State University, of Northridge where she has been teaching introductory photography courses for the past three years. She always knew she wanted to become a photography professor because she says that it is refreshing and inspiring to watch the new generation of photographers create art and watch them grow and push the boundries within themselves and their work.

Mexico Already Changed is a sincere and humble ode to her native country and her new life in America. Her pieces of work could be slightly controversial due to the nature of her pieces which involve politics and the Mexican media. She has created a video where she writes her own dialogue which is inspired from Mexican news outlets. She discusses the importance of her cinematography and why she writes her own dialogue, “able to re-enact her own chiste”. In translation, the videos that she creates allows her to tell her jokes and put a piece of her sarcastic and witty humor in all of her pieces. Another one her pieces was the talking robot, “El Roboto”. This moving robot is made of a bottom motor and a monitor. It also includes a sensor which helps the robot approach the crowd and asks them questions such as “are you a member of the Communist party?”.

As stated earlier, I had stated that the exhibit left a mark on me. In her “El Roboto” piece she shared to the crowd that the robot asked the crowd questions that were on the online questionnaire before applying for a green card or a visa. This triggered my emotions because my parents have immigrated from Mexico and went through the extensive process  of becoming U.S. citizens. It made me angry thinking about how my parents might have possibly had to answer these questions as well. The exhibit also made me think alot about my culture and the dynamic of being a young Mexican-American in America.


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