Week 5 – Painting 1 – Graffiti


I didn’t think I would struggle this much just to do the project. As much as I was looking forward to going to Venice Beach to do the graffiti on the wall I had to do the project at home due to a few issues. The struggle began with finding a surface that I could graffiti on. Luckily I found several unused poster boards in my closet that were thick enough and the perfect size! Once I had set everything up and decided which cap sizes I was going to use I came across a delay. I may be an engineering major but somehow I could not figure out how to use a spray can. It took me about LITERALLY 20 minutes to figure out that there is a small circular piece of plastic that does not allow you to press down on the cap and spray the paint. I had to look up videos on youtube and read articles online. I got so frustrated that I threw the can and saw the circular piece fly off the can and then I concluded that that was what was preventing me from starting my project LOL. Due to the lack of materials I decided to try different colored backgrounds and see what the contrasts would be. I personally love the colors blue and brown especially when used together. I decided to use the green and white backgrounds because the white cardboard with he blue looks like the sky while the green paper with the blue paint kind of looks like the sun and the sky blended together. Monique is my full name but my closest friends and my family know that I respond to Moni more than I do to my full name so I decided to use my nickname.


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