Week 10 – Fiber Art Social Media

Many of us relate social media as a platform used via an internet connect device to connect with others.When I think of the term social network I most commonly refer it to online and mobile tools that connect me to people in cyberspace. It is not that I don’t necessarily believe it can’t be used in RL situations and relationships but I think it is so commonly used with social media that it would be hard not to. I believe that Dunbar’s number is not possible. I am so busy in so many different aspects of my life whether it is work or school that even keeping up with my closest group of friends can be a real hassle. When I think of my inner circle I think of my immediate family and the 10-15 closest friends that I have. I believe that even then I don’t have enough time to bond with them to know them on an extremely deep level. I have never been considered “popular” on social media sites even though my followers to following ratio is nearly double. The reason I don’t consider myself popular on social media is because I cap out at about 300-400 followers on IG/Twitter while many other people have about 800-2k followers (people I went to high school with). The relationships people have with these thousands of followers is truly insignificant because they probably have never met and will probably never meet/talk due to the only thing they have in common is that they like each others pictures. When we did our version of the social media fiber art talk it didn’t surprise me but it made me realize that all of the activities we were doing in class with other classmates was for a reason. It was interesting to see how many of the people in our class didn’t know each other prior to the class and now there were so many connections and so many strings connected from wall to wall. When I did my own social network I just found it to be funny how my family is so connected and that even my half sister’s half brother is also an engineering major here at CSULB and that we share half sisters lol. If I could have a close relationship with anyone in my life it would be with every person that I encounter but realisitically I would like to maintain a close relationship with about 10. I feel that 10 is the perfect number because you’re able to really get down into the nitty gritty and intimate details of a person using that number and you’re able to really give that friendship your all.


Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Ionescu

Artist: Daniela Ionescu 
Exhibition: La Blouse Romaine
Media: Fashion, Textiles, Photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East Gallery
Website: Facebook
Instagram: N/A

Daniela Ionescu’s exhibit on traditional Romanian fashion was very impressive. Daniela Ionescu is currently a senior in the MFA program at CSULB for art history and also received her BFA at CSULB. La Blouse Romaine is her senior project. She was once an accountant in Romania but decided after some time that accounting was not what she was truly passionate about. Daniela really loves her major of Art History because she also included a photographic section to her exhibit and really meshed together her love for fashion and history into one.

Daniela’s exhibit mainly focuses on her life in Romania and brings to life her childhood summers spent in the countryside of her grandmothers home. The pieces that are on display are traditionally worn by peasants on Sunday’s or for special occasions such as church, weddings, or Christmas. Daniela is an enthusiast on visual and physical pieces. She claims there’s so much more to seeing a piece come to life rather than reading about textiles in textbooks. The colors and textures are something that cannot be replicated with detail in text. She also touched on the colors and the importance of them. In Romania black is a color and signifies the richness of soil and silver protects against the evil eye. Red is also seen as good luck, such as many other cultures, and also protects against the evil eye. The photographic pieces that are included in her exhibit are of women wearing these traditional pieces including Queen Mary.

I enjoyed this collection a lot because of the historical and sentimental significance that it holds. I hardly hear much about Romania but it’s interesting to see how a culture is able to reflect their believes into garments. It was also fascinating to see how each piece was designed around the colors and the significance it represents and because of the colors it was meant to be a way of looking out for the young gals who wore these pieces. I also really enjoyed and felt Daniela’s comment of how important learning history is through physical objects and not just by textbooks because many people are physical learners so I believe that it is a better way to engage your audience through this way.


Week 9 – Art Care Package -Former Lover/Current Stranger

When I first read about the objective I thought about a list of people who I wanted to make a care package for, but the person who I chose is the last person I think I would ever want to give anything to anymore. The only romantic relationship that I had ever been in was 4 years (too) long and ended in January of this year. We were high school sweethearts and I can say that because of him, I truly learned what love is and why so many people seek and crave it. Although many believe that I was the bad person for ending the relationship they never saw the struggles and hardships he put me through. Unfortunately, we share many common friends together and are constantly running into each other whether it’s around our hometown of Downey, CA or at social gatherings which he never fails to make awkward. He ignores me and carries a conversation and eye contact with everyone but me although I try to greet him (out of respect). The things I threw together for his ACP aren’t necessarily all his but they are things that he will remember or things we had planned to do together.

The wristbands in the package are the wristbands I got on my 21st birthday two weeks ago. Coincidentally we had the same birthday, October 4th, and we had been planning our festivities for years. I went bar hopping with all of our friends but didn’t invite him. I would give him those wristbands to show him how much I wanted to wish him a happy birthday and that he was still on my mind, as a friend. The next would be a ticket stub to a concert I recently attended. We both were deeply in love with the artist, Majid Jordan, and always talked about how much we wanted to see them live. Sure enough the artists had announced that they would be coming to LA months after we broke up. I would like to tell him about how much fun I had and if he ended up going and whether he liked their performance. I included a book that I read over the summer called “This is How You Lose Her”. He isn’t much of a reader but I believe that book would help him with his emotional and mental health and the way he sees another human, not only in romantic relationships but also friendships and such. Lastly I would give him my favorite perfume and the first t-shirt that I stole from his wardrobe. He truly loved the scent of my perfume and he never realized I had stolen that t-shirt from him until a year later, although I would always wear it around him.

While creating this ACP I felt a rush of emotions. I felt a mixture of sadness and happiness. I was able to reminisce about all of the good times we shared within our time together and it helped me focus not so much on all of the bad times we shared. I also experienced a rush of happiness and joy when I was able to reflect back on the relationship and look at how much I had grown, I did not feel the need to be petty or talk bad on his name despite of what he had done to me. I want to live a peaceful life and I don’t want to have any unresolved issues with anyone which is why it does sadden me that he is unable to be a mature adult and realize that the decision I had made wasn’t selfish.

In my opinion sending this ACP is like a final form of closure for him and it is a way that I can try and break through to him that I never meant to hurt him. I don’t feel like I need to explain myself and my motives to anyone but I wish he just heard me out. Sending an ACP is not like sending a snapchat in my opinion. When I use snapchat, I use it in a very impersonal fashion, but sending an ACP is something that requires a lot of thought and effort into it. An ACP may not be the ideal view on what art is but to me I believe that art can be a form of self expression and that is what this is. The ACP is like a collage but instead of art or paintings it is a collage of your feelings and things that have sentimental value.

Week 9 -Artist Conversation – Ink 17: Turf


Exhibit Coordinator: Kelvin Lopez and Vanessa Donofrio
Exhibition: Ink 17
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: Personal

CSULB’s School of Arts offers many different programs for students to explore and study their crafts through. This week we will explore one of the programs that not many people are familiar with, printmaking. Printmaking, along with wood and metal, seems to be put on a back burner due to the overwhelming popularity with programs such as sculptures, painting, photography, cinematography, and drawing. Ink 17 is specifically for students in the printmaking major and occurs every semester; 57 pieces were displayed for the exhibit. Most of the students who applied were accepted into the exhibit. This semester the theme was “Turf” which is designed to have students focus on their homes and where they live with it. Many of the pieces focused on their home through different demonstrations such as how they connect with their home, see, feel, or taste with it. This batch of pieces was very open and focused on landscapes. Many of the students used etching, lithography, photographic processes, and relieving.

We took the opportunity to get to know the main curator for this exhibit, Kelvin Lopez. Kelvin Lopez is currently an undergrad student in the BFA Print Making program. Kelvin said he truly enjoyed curating the exhibit and he surprisingly found it more fun than stressful due to how passionate he is about print making. Kelvin Lopez never saw himself studying printmaking until he took his first printmaking class and found how interesting the subject was. He, as well as many other printmaking students, became a curator to get experience in piecing together an exhibit. As graduation is approaching many students are looking for work experience to put on their resumes, and this on-campus exhibit is a great way to achieve that.

This exhibit was such a random collection of pieces that somehow meshed together extremely well. Most of the pieces were so vibrant and expressive that I was easily aware of the homeland theme that the students were supposed to create. Many students chose to make their piece about Earth which speaks to me on different levels. Planet Earth is truly our main home and it’s something that many of us over look because were so distracted with the materialistic homes that produce a roof over our heads. The nature vibes from these pieces gave a down to earth and real vibe to this exhibit. All of the pieces were amazing to look at because they remind us that many of us have different homes and different ideas yet we all share our common planet. It was a surreal vibe and it was a warm and inviting setting. It’s clear that the artists all put a lot of thought into their work and had fun with their work, which was evident due to how amazing each piece was.


Week 8 -Sketches -Japanese Garden

I was looking forward to class this week for multiple reasons. I am a huge fan of the Japanese Garden and I have only visited this beautiful on campus location about four times in the entirety of my CSULB academic career, and I was excited to finally do some sketching here. Although I do not personally believe I’m the best drawer on this Earth I do believe it is fun to do. It can also be very tranquil to do and it fits the mood perfectly at the gardens.

From the various sketches I attempted to draw I found myself really loving two of my abstract pieces and one of my realism pieces. The first piece I chose was the piece with the aquatic plant and the ducks surrounding it. I chose to draw this frame because I figured many other students would choose to depict the garden as a whole but I wanted to focus on the smaller much more under appreciated pieces of the garden such as the reeds that were in the pond. I sketched the leaves in a rectangular way because I figured round leaves were too basic for my taste. I drew the duck beside the reed in a small fashion to sort of emphasize on the plant more than the duck. The duck was meant to be more of a supplementary item.

Next I drew my realist piece which was a statue that was found within the outskirts of the Japanese Garden. This was my favorite piece because it blew my mind just how well this piece came out. Many of my friends actually seen my sketches and complimented them which made me feel really good about it. I found the details of the bushes and the trees in the background to be really cool and contrasted well with the stone of the statue. I also have a huge obsession with Chinese statues and I knew I had to include a sketch of one for the week.

Lastly, I drew a picture of the koi fish and a duck in the background. I wanted to focus on the koi heads because the fishes heads stood out the most. I am also deeply in love with koi fishes, I have always wanted to own one but am afraid of killing it lol. I drew the fish on the edge of the water, a duck and a rock. I wanted to keep a geometric pattern to this drawing for my abstract piece. I kept the fishes head circular and the duck was drawn in ellipses. I thought it was a cute and quirky way to represent the fishes in their habitat and I wanted to keep it funny since the view of the fishes gasping for attention was cute and funny in my opinion.

Week 8 – Classmate Conversation -Chris Yuen

This week we had a change in scenery with our class meeting place. This week while looking for some beautiful scenes to sketch in the Japanese Garden I met Chris Yuen. Chris is a second year fashion design student who is currently taking his GE classes. Chris originally wanted to be a psychology major but he felt that it was not his true passion and he feels that the major is a major that many settle on after not knowing what they want to study. He does love the human mind and how it works but he has an undeniable passion for fashion. Ever since he started at CSULB he has been customizing his our wardrobe such as personalizing his tee shirts or adding patches to his jackets. Unfortunately, Chris wants to design and launch his own streetwear line but CSULB’s fashion design program focuses more on high-end fashion such as stuff you see on the catwalk. He briefly touched on possibly leaving CSULB to pursue a job in the field because he says he would much rather get a hands on experience in the fashion industry than to spend time at school perfecting a skill he does not want to necessarily study (high-end fashion).

We had three different questions of the week. The first question was “What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience.” Chris believes that music is an art and searching for new music is something all people should experience. He loves to go through Soundcloud.com and browse for new artists and music of all genres and exposure types. Chris loves to show love to up and coming artists and believes that you should not limit yourself to mainstream artists. The second question that was asked was whether we would support our children if they wanted to pursue a career in the arts and he believed that he would. While being supportive he will also tell his kids that they need to be realistic about the job market in the arts. He wants his kids to be able to live out their dreams while still being able to be financially stable. With that being said, he would be supportive than most parents because he believes that artists are brave and aren’t given enough credit. Lastly, we had to share the applications we both shared on our phones on the first page and surprisingly we had pretty much the same mobile applications. Music and social media takes over our first page besides the basic iPhone home apps. We have Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, VSCO, Snapchat, and Tumblr.


Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra
Exhibition: Manos De Oro
Media: Videotagraphy, Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East Gallery
Website: www.dulcesoledadibarra.com
Instagram: N/A

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is a Mexican-American artist from Chino, CA who has relocated to Long Beach, CA. She is a senior at CSULB who will be graduated in the Spring of 2017 with her BFA. Dulce also has her AA at Chaffey College in 2014. Her work is heavily influenced from her Mexican heritage, and takes a lot of inspiration after her parents. She has been involved in several group exhibits but this is her first solo exhibit. She is very happy about it because her parents have never seen any of her pieces of art except for this one and they were very excited about it.

In Manos De Oro, Dulce decided to focus this exhibit around her father and his labor. Her father is nearly 70 years old and still works as a gardener under the hot sun. The exhibit contains lawnmowers which are painted in gold, a short film of her father doing some gardening, and huge bags which contain lawn and tree clippings. Many of the pieces that were used in her exhibit are her fathers equipment and his fellow coworkers helped her create the pieces. Her biggest challenge about the exhibit was picking pieces that would hit in the space. She created several different pieces but said she had to make a lot of changes and edits to her pieces. Dulce’s favorite piece was the video because it shows her dad hard at work, working for his family, and her most challenging piece was editing the video. She claims that her dad has “Savior’s guilt” which means that although he may have been successful here in America and alble to provide for his family he is unable to help his family who suffers in his native country. Dulce says that after made this video she appreciated her father much more than she already did and appreciated the tired and rough hands that he has gained with his career.

This piece really spoke to me on a level of ways. My parent’s are my biggest motivators as well and in a weird way they are motivated and strive for better because of me. My parents have also immigrated from Mexico many moons ago, but have sacrificed so much to give my family the absolute most they could give us and ensure that we were never missing a basic necessity. I have several family members who are gardeners or painters so when I stepped into this exhibit it brought back memories or my uncles in their uniform or their he straw hats preparing for their 12 hour shifts. I too have seen the hands of my father or family members and have thought about how their hands look rough and damaged by the sun while my hands are clean. They work 100x harder than most, so I won’t have to work hard or give up on school to help the family. Also the meaning of the gold around some of the pieces was beautiful. Just because society has belittled the value of their hard labor does not mean that what they do isn’t worth the glory or praise. They should receive lots of praise for the work they do because it is the work that not many are willing to do.


Week 6 – Zines and Flipbooks

We had the option this week of choosing between a zine and a flip book for our weekly art project. I decided that I wanted to try and create a zine. Prior to this week, I had no idea what a zine was. I am not the best drawer in the world so I felt like I would not enjoy creating a flip book (I’m a perfectionist so if one page does not look exactly like another I would probably get very frustrated). I wanted my zine to represent myself and things I believe in so I went with a feminist themed title zine. Starting with the title I wanted to name it something funny and clever so I went with Hoe Confidentials. Recently, my friends and I have discussing slut shaming and talking about how much we hate seeing women putting each other down or judging based on their sex lives so we try to encourage other women to use the word hoe as a term of endearment. Inside I decided to draw random doodles and collages I liked. One page has an old school cell phone and it’s ringing but next to it, I wrote the phrase “Your next heartbreak is calling” due to some falling out I had with a guy I was dating last week. The next page has random phrases that I have saved on my tumblr along with some sketches of different plants. the third page includes a picture I drew of a cat and my twitter handle. I’m a huge cat lover so I just had to include a cat somewhere in this zine. Lastly I wanted to throw in some of my Mexican culture in this zine so I decided to pay homage to my favorite game growing up, Loteria. Also I have a fascination with space and all things celestial so I decided on the moon out of all of the cards on the board for that reason.

Week 6 – Artist Conversation -Blaine Praw

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Praw
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: Foam
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: none
Instagram: tiffuts

This week I was deeply intrigued by Blaine Scot Praw’s geometric based exhibit. Blaine is currently a student at California State University, Long Beach who is pursuing his Bachelors of Art in Studio Art. He is currently a senior who focuses on graphic design and spends most of his time organizing his portfolio in preparation of graduation. Although Blaine is focusing on a studio art degree he likes to start personal projects. Blaine has always

The exhibit is a collection of different pieces that include cut out shapes of different shapes. Blaine’s pieces include of just black and white pieces of paper and tend to have a pattern which repeats. He explains that this exhibit had no particular motivation or purpose; Blaine simply enjoys geometry a lot and he wanted to have a side project which focused entirely on his passions. Each piece took about a weekend to assemble and they all started with assembling a triangle first. Blaine wanted to keep the artwork focused entirely around the shapes which is why he decided to keep the color scheme just black and white. Color would have distracted from the shapes in his opinion. He does not have a favorite piece because he says they’re all unique in their own way and showcase his passion for geometry, building, and constructing items.

This exhibit was very interesting to me. I was feeling the vibes that his artwork displayed which was a simple but enlightening mood. I am a big fan of the minimalistic art because there is something oddly satisfying about having a piece of work that is so simple but can express so much. The color scheme of his pieces was very smooth and tied together very well with his geometric scheme. His exhibit made me think about my classes and the things I have studied in the past due to my engineering courses so I was able to relate it back to structures and architecture. The three dimensional effect that his pieces were also reminded me of structures because in professional settings they will create a simplistic geometric shape of the building.