Week 6 – Artist Conversation -Blaine Praw

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Praw
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: Foam
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: none
Instagram: tiffuts

This week I was deeply intrigued by Blaine Scot Praw’s geometric based exhibit. Blaine is currently a student at California State University, Long Beach who is pursuing his Bachelors of Art in Studio Art. He is currently a senior who focuses on graphic design and spends most of his time organizing his portfolio in preparation of graduation. Although Blaine is focusing on a studio art degree he likes to start personal projects. Blaine has always

The exhibit is a collection of different pieces that include cut out shapes of different shapes. Blaine’s pieces include of just black and white pieces of paper and tend to have a pattern which repeats. He explains that this exhibit had no particular motivation or purpose; Blaine simply enjoys geometry a lot and he wanted to have a side project which focused entirely on his passions. Each piece took about a weekend to assemble and they all started with assembling a triangle first. Blaine wanted to keep the artwork focused entirely around the shapes which is why he decided to keep the color scheme just black and white. Color would have distracted from the shapes in his opinion. He does not have a favorite piece because he says they’re all unique in their own way and showcase his passion for geometry, building, and constructing items.

This exhibit was very interesting to me. I was feeling the vibes that his artwork displayed which was a simple but enlightening mood. I am a big fan of the minimalistic art because there is something oddly satisfying about having a piece of work that is so simple but can express so much. The color scheme of his pieces was very smooth and tied together very well with his geometric scheme. His exhibit made me think about my classes and the things I have studied in the past due to my engineering courses so I was able to relate it back to structures and architecture. The three dimensional effect that his pieces were also reminded me of structures because in professional settings they will create a simplistic geometric shape of the building.



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