Week 6 – Zines and Flipbooks

We had the option this week of choosing between a zine and a flip book for our weekly art project. I decided that I wanted to try and create a zine. Prior to this week, I had no idea what a zine was. I am not the best drawer in the world so I felt like I would not enjoy creating a flip book (I’m a perfectionist so if one page does not look exactly like another I would probably get very frustrated). I wanted my zine to represent myself and things I believe in so I went with a feminist themed title zine. Starting with the title I wanted to name it something funny and clever so I went with Hoe Confidentials. Recently, my friends and I have discussing slut shaming and talking about how much we hate seeing women putting each other down or judging based on their sex lives so we try to encourage other women to use the word hoe as a term of endearment. Inside I decided to draw random doodles and collages I liked. One page has an old school cell phone and it’s ringing but next to it, I wrote the phrase “Your next heartbreak is calling” due to some falling out I had with a guy I was dating last week. The next page has random phrases that I have saved on my tumblr along with some sketches of different plants. the third page includes a picture I drew of a cat and my twitter handle. I’m a huge cat lover so I just had to include a cat somewhere in this zine. Lastly I wanted to throw in some of my Mexican culture in this zine so I decided to pay homage to my favorite game growing up, Loteria. Also I have a fascination with space and all things celestial so I decided on the moon out of all of the cards on the board for that reason.


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