Week 8 – Classmate Conversation -Chris Yuen

This week we had a change in scenery with our class meeting place. This week while looking for some beautiful scenes to sketch in the Japanese Garden I met Chris Yuen. Chris is a second year fashion design student who is currently taking his GE classes. Chris originally wanted to be a psychology major but he felt that it was not his true passion and he feels that the major is a major that many settle on after not knowing what they want to study. He does love the human mind and how it works but he has an undeniable passion for fashion. Ever since he started at CSULB he has been customizing his our wardrobe such as personalizing his tee shirts or adding patches to his jackets. Unfortunately, Chris wants to design and launch his own streetwear line but CSULB’s fashion design program focuses more on high-end fashion such as stuff you see on the catwalk. He briefly touched on possibly leaving CSULB to pursue a job in the field because he says he would much rather get a hands on experience in the fashion industry than to spend time at school perfecting a skill he does not want to necessarily study (high-end fashion).

We had three different questions of the week. The first question was “What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience.” Chris believes that music is an art and searching for new music is something all people should experience. He loves to go through Soundcloud.com and browse for new artists and music of all genres and exposure types. Chris loves to show love to up and coming artists and believes that you should not limit yourself to mainstream artists. The second question that was asked was whether we would support our children if they wanted to pursue a career in the arts and he believed that he would. While being supportive he will also tell his kids that they need to be realistic about the job market in the arts. He wants his kids to be able to live out their dreams while still being able to be financially stable. With that being said, he would be supportive than most parents because he believes that artists are brave and aren’t given enough credit. Lastly, we had to share the applications we both shared on our phones on the first page and surprisingly we had pretty much the same mobile applications. Music and social media takes over our first page besides the basic iPhone home apps. We have Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, VSCO, Snapchat, and Tumblr.



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