Week 8 -Sketches -Japanese Garden

I was looking forward to class this week for multiple reasons. I am a huge fan of the Japanese Garden and I have only visited this beautiful on campus location about four times in the entirety of my CSULB academic career, and I was excited to finally do some sketching here. Although I do not personally believe I’m the best drawer on this Earth I do believe it is fun to do. It can also be very tranquil to do and it fits the mood perfectly at the gardens.

From the various sketches I attempted to draw I found myself really loving two of my abstract pieces and one of my realism pieces. The first piece I chose was the piece with the aquatic plant and the ducks surrounding it. I chose to draw this frame because I figured many other students would choose to depict the garden as a whole but I wanted to focus on the smaller much more under appreciated pieces of the garden such as the reeds that were in the pond. I sketched the leaves in a rectangular way because I figured round leaves were too basic for my taste. I drew the duck beside the reed in a small fashion to sort of emphasize on the plant more than the duck. The duck was meant to be more of a supplementary item.

Next I drew my realist piece which was a statue that was found within the outskirts of the Japanese Garden. This was my favorite piece because it blew my mind just how well this piece came out. Many of my friends actually seen my sketches and complimented them which made me feel really good about it. I found the details of the bushes and the trees in the background to be really cool and contrasted well with the stone of the statue. I also have a huge obsession with Chinese statues and I knew I had to include a sketch of one for the week.

Lastly, I drew a picture of the koi fish and a duck in the background. I wanted to focus on the koi heads because the fishes heads stood out the most. I am also deeply in love with koi fishes, I have always wanted to own one but am afraid of killing it lol. I drew the fish on the edge of the water, a duck and a rock. I wanted to keep a geometric pattern to this drawing for my abstract piece. I kept the fishes head circular and the duck was drawn in ellipses. I thought it was a cute and quirky way to represent the fishes in their habitat and I wanted to keep it funny since the view of the fishes gasping for attention was cute and funny in my opinion.


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