Week 9 -Artist Conversation – Ink 17: Turf


Exhibit Coordinator: Kelvin Lopez and Vanessa Donofrio
Exhibition: Ink 17
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: Personal

CSULB’s School of Arts offers many different programs for students to explore and study their crafts through. This week we will explore one of the programs that not many people are familiar with, printmaking. Printmaking, along with wood and metal, seems to be put on a back burner due to the overwhelming popularity with programs such as sculptures, painting, photography, cinematography, and drawing. Ink 17 is specifically for students in the printmaking major and occurs every semester; 57 pieces were displayed for the exhibit. Most of the students who applied were accepted into the exhibit. This semester the theme was “Turf” which is designed to have students focus on their homes and where they live with it. Many of the pieces focused on their home through different demonstrations such as how they connect with their home, see, feel, or taste with it. This batch of pieces was very open and focused on landscapes. Many of the students used etching, lithography, photographic processes, and relieving.

We took the opportunity to get to know the main curator for this exhibit, Kelvin Lopez. Kelvin Lopez is currently an undergrad student in the BFA Print Making program. Kelvin said he truly enjoyed curating the exhibit and he surprisingly found it more fun than stressful due to how passionate he is about print making. Kelvin Lopez never saw himself studying printmaking until he took his first printmaking class and found how interesting the subject was. He, as well as many other printmaking students, became a curator to get experience in piecing together an exhibit. As graduation is approaching many students are looking for work experience to put on their resumes, and this on-campus exhibit is a great way to achieve that.

This exhibit was such a random collection of pieces that somehow meshed together extremely well. Most of the pieces were so vibrant and expressive that I was easily aware of the homeland theme that the students were supposed to create. Many students chose to make their piece about Earth which speaks to me on different levels. Planet Earth is truly our main home and it’s something that many of us over look because were so distracted with the materialistic homes that produce a roof over our heads. The nature vibes from these pieces gave a down to earth and real vibe to this exhibit. All of the pieces were amazing to look at because they remind us that many of us have different homes and different ideas yet we all share our common planet. It was a surreal vibe and it was a warm and inviting setting. It’s clear that the artists all put a lot of thought into their work and had fun with their work, which was evident due to how amazing each piece was.



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