Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Ionescu

Artist: Daniela Ionescu 
Exhibition: La Blouse Romaine
Media: Fashion, Textiles, Photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East Gallery
Website: Facebook
Instagram: N/A

Daniela Ionescu’s exhibit on traditional Romanian fashion was very impressive. Daniela Ionescu is currently a senior in the MFA program at CSULB for art history and also received her BFA at CSULB. La Blouse Romaine is her senior project. She was once an accountant in Romania but decided after some time that accounting was not what she was truly passionate about. Daniela really loves her major of Art History because she also included a photographic section to her exhibit and really meshed together her love for fashion and history into one.

Daniela’s exhibit mainly focuses on her life in Romania and brings to life her childhood summers spent in the countryside of her grandmothers home. The pieces that are on display are traditionally worn by peasants on Sunday’s or for special occasions such as church, weddings, or Christmas. Daniela is an enthusiast on visual and physical pieces. She claims there’s so much more to seeing a piece come to life rather than reading about textiles in textbooks. The colors and textures are something that cannot be replicated with detail in text. She also touched on the colors and the importance of them. In Romania black is a color and signifies the richness of soil and silver protects against the evil eye. Red is also seen as good luck, such as many other cultures, and also protects against the evil eye. The photographic pieces that are included in her exhibit are of women wearing these traditional pieces including Queen Mary.

I enjoyed this collection a lot because of the historical and sentimental significance that it holds. I hardly hear much about Romania but it’s interesting to see how a culture is able to reflect their believes into garments. It was also fascinating to see how each piece was designed around the colors and the significance it represents and because of the colors it was meant to be a way of looking out for the young gals who wore these pieces. I also really enjoyed and felt Daniela’s comment of how important learning history is through physical objects and not just by textbooks because many people are physical learners so I believe that it is a better way to engage your audience through this way.



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