Week 10 – Fiber Art Social Media

Many of us relate social media as a platform used via an internet connect device to connect with others.When I think of the term social network I most commonly refer it to online and mobile tools that connect me to people in cyberspace. It is not that I don’t necessarily believe it can’t be used in RL situations and relationships but I think it is so commonly used with social media that it would be hard not to. I believe that Dunbar’s number is not possible. I am so busy in so many different aspects of my life whether it is work or school that even keeping up with my closest group of friends can be a real hassle. When I think of my inner circle I think of my immediate family and the 10-15 closest friends that I have. I believe that even then I don’t have enough time to bond with them to know them on an extremely deep level. I have never been considered “popular” on social media sites even though my followers to following ratio is nearly double. The reason I don’t consider myself popular on social media is because I cap out at about 300-400 followers on IG/Twitter while many other people have about 800-2k followers (people I went to high school with). The relationships people have with these thousands of followers is truly insignificant because they probably have never met and will probably never meet/talk due to the only thing they have in common is that they like each others pictures. When we did our version of the social media fiber art talk it didn’t surprise me but it made me realize that all of the activities we were doing in class with other classmates was for a reason. It was interesting to see how many of the people in our class didn’t know each other prior to the class and now there were so many connections and so many strings connected from wall to wall. When I did my own social network I just found it to be funny how my family is so connected and that even my half sister’s half brother is also an engineering major here at CSULB and that we share half sisters lol. If I could have a close relationship with anyone in my life it would be with every person that I encounter but realisitically I would like to maintain a close relationship with about 10. I feel that 10 is the perfect number because you’re able to really get down into the nitty gritty and intimate details of a person using that number and you’re able to really give that friendship your all.


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