Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Briana Garcia

Briana Garcia is the wonderful classmate I had the pleasure of talking to this week. She’s a second year student who is currently studying health science and is on track to graduating on a four year plan. Briana is an aspiring pediatrician and hopes to attend medical school after receiving her Bachelor’s here at CSULB. Briana believes that her love for kids and her desire to work with them stemmed from her family life. She is the eldest from her immediate family and also is the oldest from all of the grandkids which means she’s always looking after them. Briana is a Mexican American woman and says the pressure of being the first in her family to attend college keeps her motivated to achieve her dreams and make her family proud. She also wants to be a good role model to her siblings and younger family members. She loves kids so much that she is planning on starting her own basketball team for younger children and plans on coaching them, she’s been playing basketball since she was six years old. Briana has many hobbies and includes a variety of interests.  She likes to hike, watch Netflix, watch sports, and listen to different genres of music. Her favorite shows on Netflix are Criminal Minds and Bones because they’re interesting and Bones discusses the medical field a lot which is her passion.

This week’s question of the week was regarding the movie The Matrix. When asked whether she would take a blue pill which allowed you to cover up the truth of the world or take a red pill which would unleash the Earth’s secrets Briana chose the blue pill. She said”I would choose the blue pill because I would be more content to believe in what I wanted to than facing the truth.”


Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver 
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

Sage Carver is truly an inspirational and creative artist whose talent is apparent through her exhibit BIO. Sage is an Hermosa Beach native who is currently working on her BFA at CSULB and is graduating this semester. Sage’s hobbies include hiking, swimming, cooking, and being outdoors. Sage has planned to move to Hawaii after graduation to help her sister. She plans on working in her field specifically in sculptures while in Hawaii and once she is done she would like to work on her Masters of Fine Art. Sage has always liked art but her passion for art started when she started drawing. Once she started her college career she took  a few art classes which then made her take sculpting classes. She believes that sculpture making is better than drawing is because drawing only stays on a flat surface. The reason she loves art is because she can physically feel and hold her creations.

Sage’s exhibit is inspired by biology. We hardly connect biology and art together but Sage did a fantastic job at it. Sage’s shapes are inspired by biological diagrams which she has seen under microscopes such as cells. The interior of the walls were white and had what appeared to be a bubble popping out which were made of foam. There was a beautiful multicolored center piece that had several gold chains linked to it and were attached at multiple locations throughout the wall. The entire wall once seen is Sage’s interpretation of a cell. The walls and their texture are supposed to represent a cell and how rough their walls are. The centerpiece is supposed to represent a nucleus because the nucleus is the controller of the cell and is located in the center. The chains were painted gold to be a subtle compliment to the great centerpiece and all of its extravagant colors. This exhibit took about a month to complete. Sage also said that the centerpiece can be interpreted as a person because it is colorful and different because of all the components that make you who you are while the chains are the exterior of your soul or your body.

I was really touched by this exhibit. I felt like I was able to experience the frustration and confusion she has battled within herself with her health because she was able to transform it into something beautiful and able to share that with others. Instead of creating a dark room and a sense of mystery and anger she decided to shed light on something near and dear to her. It was very beautiful of her to create the centerpiece as a nucleus but also as an individuals should because it shows how compassionate she is. Along with the beautiful multicolored center, the bubbles on the wall were made with very good precision and with detail.














Week 11 – Artist Conversation -Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse 
Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: Installation, Wood Carving, Film Making, Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merilyn Werby
Website: Kyle Kruse Art
Instagram: @kyle.kruse

This week we took a step into a mysterious, ominous, and tribal feel in Kyle Kruse’s exhibition Janis Maxim. Kyle Kruse is a sixth year senior at CSULB who has made Janis Maxim his senior show. Kyle is currently working on his BFA of print making and has made his focus on wood carving. Most of his inspirations come from the night and claims he has insomnia and mostly works on his projects at night. During his down time, Kyle likes to rock climb and enjoys eating his favorite food Curry. He has also put much thought into what he will do after his graduation this year and is looking to attend grad school to further his education and is looking at either Yale or NYU. Kyle has always been a creative soul and claims that he started drawing stuff out of junk from junk yard and his grandparents are art collectors and influenced him to get into print making.

This exhibit is definitely very easy on the eyes. Immediately when one steps into the dim lit room you feel the mood change. It seemed wild and mysterious but it was inviting and engaged my sense of wonder. After reading the letter and the poem it was like I was being invited to explore and make my own interpretation of the exhibit. There were three masks that seemed to have been sewed together from different cloths. On the wall, were three different wooden shields with the drawings of the mentioned creatures in Kyle’s letter. Kyle says his vision of the exhibit is to let the guest navigate through it because if it’s guided then you won’t fully experience it.

The exhibit was one of the more memorable ones this semester in my opinion due to the cool vibes it was emitting. It made me want to get in touch with my inner wild side. What stood out to me the most were the masks. The masks reminded me of a cinematic prop but in reality it was much more. It represented a figure in which others look at for help in their lives or to relate it to the different cycles in ones life. The masks were my favorite part of the exhibit. Also noted was the floors and how there seemed to be a messy but raw feel to the exhibit. It helped add to the feeling that we were in an organic and raw exhibit which seemed tribal to a certain extent.

Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Daniel Puentes

daniel puentes.jpeg

I found another engineering major amongst our 1pm section and I couldn’t be anymore happier to introduce him! This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Daniel Puentes. Daniel is currently a third year student at CSULB and is working on getting his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is originally from a small town in Nevada and moved to Long Beach a few years ago. Daniel and I seemed to bond quickly over the classes we have to take since we are both engineering majors. I’m in the discipline of Civil Engineering, but we still have courses that cross paths besides the general Math and Physics courses. At the moment we are both taking two of the same classes, Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics, which is funny because I was going to send him my study guides so he could study them for his upcoming midterms. Daniel’s hobbies include studying, sleeping, and discovering new music. He’s a fan of all things music and enjoys attending concerts. He claims that concerts help him get distracted from the stress he gets from his coursework.

This week we were asked to dissect a social media issue regarding Demi Lovato. The singer was recently involved in an issue regarding a fan drawing her and she felt that the artist had changed her body to appear to have fuller breasts. When the topic was brought up and I asked Daniel what his opinions on the subject matter was he thought she looked fine. He believed that the fan art was not out of proportion to the original picture. Demi Lovato is a woman who takes much pride and is proud of her physical attributes so he is surprised to see that she felt as if she was overly enhanced around the breasts. He believes he would’ve understood her feeling offended if her body had been overly edited as in tinier waist, bigger behind, and much much much bigger breasts.