Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Daniel Puentes

daniel puentes.jpeg

I found another engineering major amongst our 1pm section and I couldn’t be anymore happier to introduce him! This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Daniel Puentes. Daniel is currently a third year student at CSULB and is working on getting his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is originally from a small town in Nevada and moved to Long Beach a few years ago. Daniel and I seemed to bond quickly over the classes we have to take since we are both engineering majors. I’m in the discipline of Civil Engineering, but we still have courses that cross paths besides the general Math and Physics courses. At the moment we are both taking two of the same classes, Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics, which is funny because I was going to send him my study guides so he could study them for his upcoming midterms. Daniel’s hobbies include studying, sleeping, and discovering new music. He’s a fan of all things music and enjoys attending concerts. He claims that concerts help him get distracted from the stress he gets from his coursework.

This week we were asked to dissect a social media issue regarding Demi Lovato. The singer was recently involved in an issue regarding a fan drawing her and she felt that the artist had changed her body to appear to have fuller breasts. When the topic was brought up and I asked Daniel what his opinions on the subject matter was he thought she looked fine. He believed that the fan art was not out of proportion to the original picture. Demi Lovato is a woman who takes much pride and is proud of her physical attributes so he is surprised to see that she felt as if she was overly enhanced around the breasts. He believes he would’ve understood her feeling offended if her body had been overly edited as in tinier waist, bigger behind, and much much much bigger breasts.


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