Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Briana Garcia

Briana Garcia is the wonderful classmate I had the pleasure of talking to this week. She’s a second year student who is currently studying health science and is on track to graduating on a four year plan. Briana is an aspiring pediatrician and hopes to attend medical school after receiving her Bachelor’s here at CSULB. Briana believes that her love for kids and her desire to work with them stemmed from her family life. She is the eldest from her immediate family and also is the oldest from all of the grandkids which means she’s always looking after them. Briana is a Mexican American woman and says the pressure of being the first in her family to attend college keeps her motivated to achieve her dreams and make her family proud. She also wants to be a good role model to her siblings and younger family members. She loves kids so much that she is planning on starting her own basketball team for younger children and plans on coaching them, she’s been playing basketball since she was six years old. Briana has many hobbies and includes a variety of interests.  She likes to hike, watch Netflix, watch sports, and listen to different genres of music. Her favorite shows on Netflix are Criminal Minds and Bones because they’re interesting and Bones discusses the medical field a lot which is her passion.

This week’s question of the week was regarding the movie The Matrix. When asked whether she would take a blue pill which allowed you to cover up the truth of the world or take a red pill which would unleash the Earth’s secrets Briana chose the blue pill. She said”I would choose the blue pill because I would be more content to believe in what I wanted to than facing the truth.”


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