Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Lillian Elizabeth

Artist: Lillian Elizabeth
Exhibition: Beeware Ceramics 
Media: Sculptures, Pots, Ceramics
Gallery: Max L. Gatov East Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

Beeware Ceramics was a wonderful pottery shop located in Max L. Gatov East Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach Student of Galleries of Art. Lillian Elizabeth is an undergraduate student in Cal State Long Beach. Unfortunately, she was not in attendance of the holiday sale and I was not able to interview Lillian. The Max L. Gatov East Gallery was filled with other student’s work who also worked with the same media as Lillian Elizabeth. Student’s took advantage of this holiday sale to expose their work and appeal to potential customers. The gallery was arranged in a matter where there seemed to be a theme in the work. Most of the ceramics and pots seemed to be in an ethic and cultural fashion. I personally enjoy things that are colorful and are covered in “in your face” pattern. These vibrant colors seem to match well with simple monochromatic furniture or walls. What I really enjoyed about Ms. Elizabeth’s work because each pot has the same shape but they’re unique in the colors and in the patterns, so it’s like collecting snowflakes in your very own home. As a poor college student I was unable to buy any of her pieces but I did take a business card and would truly love to invest in her work once I am able to decorate my own place.


Week 15- Painting – Finger Painting


This week I chose to finger paint with my best friend Vincent Santos. At first glance we were a bit skeptical and we weren’t too excited about this project but once we broke out the paint we got right into it. We stumbled into a few difficulties such as not having a lot of the yellow paint seeing as when we opened it it was empty and the little bit we had was dried up. Initially, we started painting with the yellow and we were a bit upset because we wanted to use a lot more yellow. SO we figured that we use the yellow as much as we can and then we moved onto the other colors. At first we did not like the painting and thought of it as a mess of darkness. After deep thought i started thinking about it and how it looks like some sort of light coming from a dark hole which in turn reminded me pf all the finals I had to study for. Thus I came up with the name “L.O.S.” Loss of Sunshine. Also when read out loud it is pronounced as “loss” like losing yourself in  the craziness of school and finals. We even decided to write L.O.S. on the painting and really embrace how it is okay to get a little caught up in the craziness of life and not to let it overshadow your happiness and your determination to get through it all. It was harder than expected for sure but just because I had no idea what I wanted to make I just thought it was going to be ugly lol. It was more boring than fun to me. The only reason I thought it was boring was because I wanted to finger paint a picture that i wanted to like a flower or a beautiful night time sky but instead i had to chose abstract. What was more fun to me was actually giving the painting meaning and a purpose and seeing how coincidentally it applied to me.

Week 14 – Classmate Conversation -Brian Aparicio

This week I had the privilege of meeting Brian Aparicio! Brian is a journalism major who is embarking on his third year here at CSULB! Brian has a passion for sports and says he is never seen without some type of team logo on his wardrobe. Even though it got cut off a bit, he’s even sporting a beanie in the picture above of his favorite football team the Bengals! We were able to bond over music as well because we listen to the same genre which is hip hop and rap. His favorite artist is J. Cole which I am familiar with but unfortunately I had to disagree with him because I think he is a bit overrated.

Our Question of the Week was a topic which steered away from the typical art question and a bit more on the subject of Education. We were asked to discuss what we thought the college experience would be like in 2036. We both agreed that the college experience would be one that is heavily incorporated with technology. I personally believe that we might not even have a traditional college anymore where one is physically present in a lecture hall but instead one is in a large video chat with a professor and the professor and labs are done via web and I do not like this form of learning. Brian agreed that it might be done via a website BUT is actually all for it. He believes that it would be more convenient for people to just plug in to a computer for a lecture and he also brought up the point that people might be more willing to ask questions and participate because they can remain anonymous. I see it being a challenge for the more technical majors such as bio and engineering because how are we able to conduct a lab online when we are required to use heavy equipment or hard to find chemicals and places to hold these experiments (I would hate to have to grow mold and hold my experiment in my kitchen). I have personally had a couple lectures which had to be held online due to a professors absence and I absolutely detested it and wasn’t able to learn as I would have would it have been demonstrated in class.

Week 14 – Instagram Day

This week we had a really fun and, in my opinion, very personal activity for the week! The activity consisted of being active on Instagram and capturing images of what we do throughout our days. I really love Instagram and I love taking pictures whether it’s of myself or things around me and editing them and afterwards sharing them with my followers. I have never been a person who has begged for followers or kept track of my follower to following ratio, Instagram is just a fun way to express myself through something I love. I posted about the most important things that dictate my life: coffee, school, and studying. I don’t work on Wednesdays but if I did I would have definitely made a space on my Instagram for my students. As boring as it may sound, most people know how serious I am about school and how much time and dedication I put into it. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for coffee lol. I decided to create a separate instagram account because I feel a bit shy having other people see my posts because of my selfies and letting people know about my raver past lol. Thus the reason why I have a private account.

After scrolling through the hashtag and the captions, I was surprised to see how many people posted about school and not enough about food. I have posted about food in the past and I feel like most people are foodies. I guess as students at CSULB we all make school a priority and feel that it’s important enough to post about. In a way it does feel like were in a little community of some sort and we can all relate to any experience we’ve had on campus. Whether it’s the long walks back to our car from upper campus, people who have set up a tent on the lawn on upper campus, or sitting in class listening to our professors lecture we can all relate to it. While most of us are different people, I believe we are a community of some sort but are still detached but ONLY by our major or what we do outside of CSULB. I can feel a bit detached from the rest of the class but only because of how boring I feel I am! I’m always at school and if I’m not at school then I’m at work and if I’m not at work then I’m either at my desk at home or studying at the library(including on weekends). I would like to assume that my fellow ART 110 classmates are super rad and always doing something exciting like at Disneyland or hiking!