Week 14 – Classmate Conversation -Brian Aparicio

This week I had the privilege of meeting Brian Aparicio! Brian is a journalism major who is embarking on his third year here at CSULB! Brian has a passion for sports and says he is never seen without some type of team logo on his wardrobe. Even though it got cut off a bit, he’s even sporting a beanie in the picture above of his favorite football team the Bengals! We were able to bond over music as well because we listen to the same genre which is hip hop and rap. His favorite artist is J. Cole which I am familiar with but unfortunately I had to disagree with him because I think he is a bit overrated.

Our Question of the Week was a topic which steered away from the typical art question and a bit more on the subject of Education. We were asked to discuss what we thought the college experience would be like in 2036. We both agreed that the college experience would be one that is heavily incorporated with technology. I personally believe that we might not even have a traditional college anymore where one is physically present in a lecture hall but instead one is in a large video chat with a professor and the professor and labs are done via web and I do not like this form of learning. Brian agreed that it might be done via a website BUT is actually all for it. He believes that it would be more convenient for people to just plug in to a computer for a lecture and he also brought up the point that people might be more willing to ask questions and participate because they can remain anonymous. I see it being a challenge for the more technical majors such as bio and engineering because how are we able to conduct a lab online when we are required to use heavy equipment or hard to find chemicals and places to hold these experiments (I would hate to have to grow mold and hold my experiment in my kitchen). I have personally had a couple lectures which had to be held online due to a professors absence and I absolutely detested it and wasn’t able to learn as I would have would it have been demonstrated in class.


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