Week 14 – Instagram Day

This week we had a really fun and, in my opinion, very personal activity for the week! The activity consisted of being active on Instagram and capturing images of what we do throughout our days. I really love Instagram and I love taking pictures whether it’s of myself or things around me and editing them and afterwards sharing them with my followers. I have never been a person who has begged for followers or kept track of my follower to following ratio, Instagram is just a fun way to express myself through something I love. I posted about the most important things that dictate my life: coffee, school, and studying. I don’t work on Wednesdays but if I did I would have definitely made a space on my Instagram for my students. As boring as it may sound, most people know how serious I am about school and how much time and dedication I put into it. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for coffee lol. I decided to create a separate instagram account because I feel a bit shy having other people see my posts because of my selfies and letting people know about my raver past lol. Thus the reason why I have a private account.

After scrolling through the hashtag and the captions, I was surprised to see how many people posted about school and not enough about food. I have posted about food in the past and I feel like most people are foodies. I guess as students at CSULB we all make school a priority and feel that it’s important enough to post about. In a way it does feel like were in a little community of some sort and we can all relate to any experience we’ve had on campus. Whether it’s the long walks back to our car from upper campus, people who have set up a tent on the lawn on upper campus, or sitting in class listening to our professors lecture we can all relate to it. While most of us are different people, I believe we are a community of some sort but are still detached but ONLY by our major or what we do outside of CSULB. I can feel a bit detached from the rest of the class but only because of how boring I feel I am! I’m always at school and if I’m not at school then I’m at work and if I’m not at work then I’m either at my desk at home or studying at the library(including on weekends). I would like to assume that my fellow ART 110 classmates are super rad and always doing something exciting like at Disneyland or hiking!


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