Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Lillian Elizabeth

Artist: Lillian Elizabeth
Exhibition: Beeware Ceramics 
Media: Sculptures, Pots, Ceramics
Gallery: Max L. Gatov East Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

Beeware Ceramics was a wonderful pottery shop located in Max L. Gatov East Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach Student of Galleries of Art. Lillian Elizabeth is an undergraduate student in Cal State Long Beach. Unfortunately, she was not in attendance of the holiday sale and I was not able to interview Lillian. The Max L. Gatov East Gallery was filled with other student’s work who also worked with the same media as Lillian Elizabeth. Student’s took advantage of this holiday sale to expose their work and appeal to potential customers. The gallery was arranged in a matter where there seemed to be a theme in the work. Most of the ceramics and pots seemed to be in an ethic and cultural fashion. I personally enjoy things that are colorful and are covered in “in your face” pattern. These vibrant colors seem to match well with simple monochromatic furniture or walls. What I really enjoyed about Ms. Elizabeth’s work because each pot has the same shape but they’re unique in the colors and in the patterns, so it’s like collecting snowflakes in your very own home. As a poor college student I was unable to buy any of her pieces but I did take a business card and would truly love to invest in her work once I am able to decorate my own place.


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