Week 15- Painting – Finger Painting


This week I chose to finger paint with my best friend Vincent Santos. At first glance we were a bit skeptical and we weren’t too excited about this project but once we broke out the paint we got right into it. We stumbled into a few difficulties such as not having a lot of the yellow paint seeing as when we opened it it was empty and the little bit we had was dried up. Initially, we started painting with the yellow and we were a bit upset because we wanted to use a lot more yellow. SO we figured that we use the yellow as much as we can and then we moved onto the other colors. At first we did not like the painting and thought of it as a mess of darkness. After deep thought i started thinking about it and how it looks like some sort of light coming from a dark hole which in turn reminded me pf all the finals I had to study for. Thus I came up with the name “L.O.S.” Loss of Sunshine. Also when read out loud it is pronounced as “loss” like losing yourself in  the craziness of school and finals. We even decided to write L.O.S. on the painting and really embrace how it is okay to get a little caught up in the craziness of life and not to let it overshadow your happiness and your determination to get through it all. It was harder than expected for sure but just because I had no idea what I wanted to make I just thought it was going to be ugly lol. It was more boring than fun to me. The only reason I thought it was boring was because I wanted to finger paint a picture that i wanted to like a flower or a beautiful night time sky but instead i had to chose abstract. What was more fun to me was actually giving the painting meaning and a purpose and seeing how coincidentally it applied to me.


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